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Scion Insecticide with UVX™ Technology: Mosquito Control

Scion Insecticide with UVX™ Technology: Mosquito Control

An insecticide that goes to extremes

Scion ® Insecticide with UVX™ Technology is engineered to decisively control mosquitoes, it maintains a continuous residual for 90 days even when faced with high temperatures and intense sunlight. These features make Scion ® ideal for long service intervals when treating within the toughest mosquito season and in areas that face extreme conditions.

Uvx Technology: In its element among the harshest elements

Scion ® is powered by gamma-cyhalothrin, a highly efficient pyrethroid active ingredient. The formulation is enhanced by FMC’s innovative and proprietary UVX™ Technology to deliver decisive control and a continuous residual for 90 days. UVX™ is a multi- component formulation engineered to provide at least 75 days of true performance - even in conditions that degrade other products

Extreme Staying Power


Extreme staying Power

The longest lasting protection under the sun

We tested Scion ® Insecticide with UVX™ Technology under the most extreme conditions by applying it alongside competitive products to foliage and aged the residues under the harsh sunlight of the southwest. Scion ® endured, still controlling mosquitoes after sixty days. The competition was unable to match Scion ® Insecticide’s endurance

Product Attributes

  • Active Ingredient: Gamma-Cyhalothrin
  • Chemical Family: Pyrethroid
  • Mode of Action: Sodium Channel Modulator
  • The Lowest Use Rate Pyrethroid
  • Typical Use Rates: 0.16, 0.33, 0.65 fl. oz./1,000 sq. ft

Labeled Pests

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitos
  • Spiders
  • Scorpions
  • Ticks
  • Over 25 other listed pests

Labeled Use Sites

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Institutional and Industrial
  • Perimeters
  • Food Handling Establishments