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Xonerate Herbicide Warm Season

Xonerate Herbicide Warm Season

What is xonerate herbicide?

Xonerate ® 2SC Herbicide delivers effective postemergence control of tough weeds on warm-season turfgrass. This new and improved formulation of Xonerate ® Herbicide provides excellent control of tropical signalgrass, Poa annua and other annual weeds and grasses without harms your turf. Use Xonerate ® 2SC Herbicide for a reliable and consistent formulation that fights the toughest weeds on golf courses, sports fields, residential and commercial lawns, parks and sod production farms.

How does Xonerate Herbicide Work?

Xonerate ® 2SC Herbicide contains the active ingredient amicarbazone. This powerful active prevents electron transport by binding to the D1 protein in PSII, which halts energy production resulting in cell and tissue loss. Target weeds, such as tropical signalgrass, absorb Xonerate ® 2SC Herbicide through their roots and leaves, which causes plant tissue to brown, beginning at the leaf margin and progressing through the entire plant

General Use Notes

Assess how much Poa annua you truly have and educate your membership and management on the potential for large, temporary voids in the desirable turf. Develop a plan to fill these voids through sod or sprigs and sound agronomics to encourage desirable turf to grow

Application Guidelines

  • Spring applications are most effective. Temperatures should consistently be in the 55 ̊F – 85 ̊F range depending on your turf type. Do not apply on creeping bentgrass when temperatures exceed 80 ̊F.
  • Ensure the root zone of the desirable turf is healthy and actively growing. • Avoid mowing a day after application to allow for full foliar uptake.
  • Ensure adequate soil moisture at time of application. If desirable turf is exhibiting signs of drought stress, do not apply until the desirable turf has recovered.
  • Soil pH should be at or below 7.4. If soil pH is higher, solubility of amicarbazone increases, which may increase the risk of lateral movement. Risk of injury to desirable turf may also increase since the product is more water soluble, which allows for quicker plant uptake.
  • Pay careful attention to slopes that drain onto green surfaces. A buffer of at least five feet is recommended.
  • Wait seven days after last application before re-seeding

Xonerate Herbicide

  • Convenient formulation
  • Chemical family: Triazolinone
  • Mode of action: PSII inhibitor
  • Plant uptake occurs through both roots and foliage

Weeds Controlled

  • Poa annua
  • Crabgrass
  • Waterhemp
  • Kochia
  • Lambsquarters

Labeled Use Sites

  • Golf courses
  • Athletic fields
  • Residential and commercial lawns
  • Parks and recreation areas
  • Sod farms