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Postemergence Control of Poa Annua in Warm Season Turf


Xonerate ® 2SC Herbicide is a selective postemergence herbicide for annual bluegrass control. Removing Poa annua is accomplished through multiple applications with re-seeding flexibility per label directions. Xonerate 2SC Herbicide is labeled for use on golf courses, seed and sod production fields, residential and commercial lawns, parks and sports fields.

How Does Xonerate 2SC Herbicide Work

Xonerate 2SC Herbicide is foliar and root absorbed. The active ingredient, amicarbazone, inhibits photosynthesis by disrupting photosynthetic electron transport, which eventually leads to photooxidation and cell death. Symptoms in Poa annua include chlorosis (yellowing) and necrosis (browning of leaf tissue). Control of Poa annua occurs slowly over a 3 to 4 week time frame with little to no injury to desirable turfgrasses.

Xonerate 2SC General Use for Poa annua Control

Integrated management practices provide the most effective method for managing Poa annua . A healthy, dense stand of turfgrass will give desired turf the best chance to defend against weeds like Poa annua and other pests. Practices like aerification, proper mowing height, balanced fertility and irrigation, reducing shade, and correct soil pH can all help ensure turf is growing at peak performance. For postemergence Poa annua control, apply Xonerate 2SC selective herbicide from 6 to 29 fl oz per acre depending on turf type. Follow these helpful tips to maximize the effectiveness of Xonerate 2SC applications:

  1.  Scouting . Do not underestimate the amount of Poa annua in the area being treated. Often the level of infestation is much higher than is realized. Knowing how much Poa annua you have can set expectations for the overall impact of population reduction, which may create voids in the turf canopy.
  2. Soil moisture . Soil moisture is important to achieving effective control. If soil conditions are dry, irrigate target areas prior to application.
  3. Establishment . Turfgrass grown from seed will take longer to establish than turfgrass that is plugged or sodded. Xonerate 2SC should be applied to turfgrass that has been established at the site of application for a minimum of 6-12 months, depending on turf type (see label).
  4. Soil pH . Do not apply Xonerate 2SC if the soil pH is greater than 7.4. Soil pH may affect amicarbazone persistence and bioavailability, influencing turfgrass tolerance.
  5. Stress . Eliminate as much stress from the turfgrass as possible prior to an Xonerate application. Healthy turf is able to tolerate postemergence herbicide applications better than turfgrass that is stressed.
  6. Temperatures . Generally, apply Xonerate 2SC at air temperatures ranging from 55° to 80°F. Do not make applications when temperatures are expected to  drop below 55°F. For specific turfgrass recommendations regarding temperature and application please consult the label.
  7. Trust the Process. Using Xonerate 2SC to control Poa annua is a slow process. Be patient. You will not see results immediately but know that the product is working. Be prepared to seed or sod or encourage growth of the desired turf to fill in large voids left by removal of Poa .

Refer to the product label for appropriate application temperature ranges and further use instructions. Ensure the root zone of the desirable turf is healthy and actively growing. Avoid mowing a day after application to allow for full foliar uptake. Wait 7 days after last application before re-seeding