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Endzone Insecticide Sticker

Endzone Insecticide Sticker

The Endzone insecticie sticker

Filth flies are not just an unsightly nuisance; they can spread bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. Controlling them, however, can be quite challenging — especially in commercial kitchens and other food-handling areas where these pests can thrive. In these environments, it is critical to deliver targeted, effective and unobtrusive control measures. The innovative EndZone ® insecticide sticker from FMC has been designed to give pest professionals a totally unique filth fly service offering that’s discreet, affordable and easy to use. The first and only professional fly sticker of its kind in the country, EndZone ® delivers fast-acting, long-lasting filth fly control to both residential and commercial accounts, indoors and out


Works fast and lasts

EndZone ® insecticide sticker works to quickly eliminate filth fly populations and keeps working longer than competitive solutions — even months after application.

Adds Value, Saves time

  • What makes EndZone ® a truly exciting innovation is how easy it is to add to your current service offerings. EndZone ® helps you increase your profitability with minimal labor. EndZone ® is very low maintenance, remaining effective for up to seven months indoors and four months outdoors when protected from rain or moisture. Stickers should be replaced more frequently when contaminated by dirt, dust, filth or moisture.
  • Low involvement cost
  • No additional equipment necessary
  • No interruption to your customers — just peel and stick
  • Releases no fumes or vapors
  • Faster and easier to use than products that require dilution

Product attributes

  • Sugar bait matrix is an arrestant to filth flies
  • Formulated with 4.4% acetamiprid, the same powerful active ingredient found in Transport ® Mikron™ insecticide
  • Proven to deliver knockdown of house flies in just one minute
  • Effective for up to seven months indoors and up to four months outdoors when protected from rain, moisture, dirt, dust and filth
  • For best results, use one sticker per 1,000 ft. 3; use additional stickers for heavy infestations

Labeled Pests

  • House Flies
  • Little House Flies
  • Blow Flies
  • Bottle Flies
  • Flesh Flies
  • Phorid Flies
  • Fungus Gnats
  • Vinegar (Fruit) Flies

Labeled Use Sites

  • Windows
  • In/Around Garbage Receptacles
  • Near Drains
  • On/Inside Flylights