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Rayora Fungicide


"The quick uptake of Rayora ® means it gets into the plant and starts working. This helps Rayora ® provide both preventative and curative control of dollar spot."

Jim Kerns, Ph.D. NC State University



Rayora ® Fungicide contains flutriafol, a breakthrough active ingredient from FMC that now provides proven 21-day control of Dollar Spot. And it doesn't stop there with Dollar Spot – flutriafol also demonstrates curative activity and even works on certain insensitive strains. This next generation DMI fungicide also shows great control beyond Dollar Spot on Gray Leaf Spot, Spring Dead Spot, and other troublesome diseases.


The next generation of DMI has arrived

Rayora ® is faster too – it’s absorbed via roots and shoots and is translocated through the xylem quicker than any active ingredient in its class, giving complete protection throughout the plant. With both flexibility and proven turf safety, Rayora ® Fungicide redefines what it means to be strong, yet safe on turf... for longer.

The Power of flutriafol

As shown in the chart below, Rayora ® is far and away the fastest into the plant. No other comparable product gets into the turf faster than flutriafol, the active ingredient in Rayora ® .

Product Attributes

  • 21-Day preventative control of Dollar Spot in fairways
  • Fastest uptake and translocation in its class
  • Best-in-class uptake gives flexibility with irrigation, active protection of the sprayed leaf, and movement to new growth
  • Rainfast within 2 hours
  • Proven turf safety

Diseases Controlled

  • Dollar Spot (preventative and curative)
  • Gray Leaf Spot
  • Spring Dead Spot

Rayora ® is also labeled for control of numerous diseases commonly found in turf

Labeled Use Sites

  • Golf Courses
  • Commercial Sites
  • Industrial Lawns